Balance of vitamins and microelements for achieving sporting goals


Vitamins are an important part of the diet of any person, helping the normal metabolism and maintaining the body’s natural physiological processes. People who experience constant increased physical exertion, such as athletes, require higher concentrations of vitamins.

A full-fledged ration with a rich variety of menus is a necessary condition for people involved in sports. But not everyone is able to monitor their food so closely and count calories. And not always food contains the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals for athletes.

Modern pharmaceutical companies have developed special vitamins for athletes, taking into account the increased needs of the organism, subjected to a constant load. With their help, you can not only prevent the emergence of a deficit of a certain substance in the body, but also prevent a slowdown in the growth of muscle mass and the emergence of global health problems.

Vitamins for athletes
Vitamins for athletes

Importance of vitamins in sports training

Even at school, teachers emphasized our attention to the fact that vitamin deficiency – a deficiency of any vitamin in the body – causes violations in the work of organs and systems that can lead to the onset of diseases. If you know which vitamins for athletes are better at helping to achieve specific physical tasks, achieving them will be much easier. Consider what vitamins for sport serve as assistants depending on the specific task. We recommend: How to gain muscles without harm to health.

Ensuring proper and good muscle growth

  • Vitamin B13 is an orthic acid. This element contributes to the improvement of tissue regeneration processes. The substance is rich in liver, milk and yeast.
  • Vitamins A and B1, also called thiamine. Nature endowed them with a function of controlling protein synthesis and normal cell growth. Carrots, fish oil and dairy products will provide the body with some vitamin A, while for the production of thiamine it is necessary to eat liver, beans, kidneys and cereals.
Vitamin A
Vitamin A

Increase in total muscle tone

  • The main source of muscle nutrition is vitamin B3, which delivers nutrients to cells during intense training. This element is rich in liver, tuna meat, milk and eggs.
  • Folic acid ( vitamin B9 ). Blood supplies muscles with oxygen. Folic acid helps normalize the process of hematopoiesis. Contained in legumes and fresh vegetables.
  • Vitamins C, E. They are required by the body to reduce the concentration of free radicals. The first are melon, citrus fruits, Bulgarian sweet pepper, broccoli and tomatoes. The second element is found in nuts, vegetable oils and bran.
  • Biotin ( vitamins B7, H ) – a substance serving as a motor for the processes of amino acid metabolism, called metabolism. Contained in the liver, egg yolk, cereals and soy.

Prevention of sports injuries

  • Vitamin K is a catalyst for the process of physiological clotting of blood. Contained in lettuce leaves, in some fruits, such as avocados, kiwi, bananas.
  • Vitamin C in addition to the previous property is able to influence the harmonious formation of connective tissues.
  • Vitamin D promotes the absorption of phosphorus and calcium, essential for the health of the athlete’s skeletal system. It is provided by eating dairy products and eggs.

Improved performance

  • Vitamin B2, acts on the increase of muscle tone, is a part of meat, dairy products and cereals.
  • Vitamin B6, which regulates the metabolism, is found in chicken meat, unprocessed rice, fish, pork and eggs.
  • Vitamin B12 improves the conductivity of brain signals through nerve endings to the muscles. This element is full of meat, fish and milk.
B vitamins
B vitamins

Periods of recovery after training

  • Vitamins C, E, described in detail earlier.
  • B4, called choline, which has the ability to regenerate membranes in tissue cells. Provide its meat, soybean flour and different types of fish.

Providing a balance of vitamins in the body

It is not always possible to find specialized vitamins for athletes in pharmacies. But the most necessary for moderate sports is not difficult to choose. They are able to provide the body with a balanced set and the necessary amount of all nutrients. After all, it is impossible to achieve the necessary proportion by products alone. Let’s consider modern vitamin-mineral complexes, freely realized at reasonable prices:

  • Undevit. The composition of the drug includes 11 vitamins, but the manufacturers of the drug do not position it as a sports complex. The cost of it is more than attractive – about 60 rubles, which gives the drug a significant advantage.
  • Compliments an asset. If you turn to the packaging, you can find out that these are vitamins for teenagers, but the description says that the complex helps to activate the body during intense physical activities and sports activities, so the multivitamin complex is quite suitable for everyone. Buy it can be an average of 200 rubles.
  • Alphabet effect. Has one inconvenient nuance – the elements are divided into compatible groups into three tablets. On the part of digestibility it is certainly good, but not all have the opportunity to drink them three times a day. You can buy multivitamins for 350 rubles.
  • Dynamazan. Has a full complex of substances, providing the need for intensive sports. Additionally includes extracted ginseng, so they are positioned as sports vitamins for women. The drug belongs to the next price category and costs about 450 rubles.
  • Gerimax Energy. A special feature of the preparation is the content of green tea and ginseng. Perfectly suitable as a vitamin for women athletes. This drug is worth about 400 rubles in pharmacies.
  • Vitrum performance. A common vitamin product with the most complete spectrum of substances. It is shown to be used in long periods of training and loadings of the mental plan. For this complex it will be necessary to pay about 800 rubles.


To achieve the planned athletic heights, it is important to observe the principles of proper nutrition in conjunction with the use of vitamin-mineral complexes for athletes, balanced and full-fledged in the set of elements. Before purchasing the latter, you need to get a specialist consultation.