Be embossed: 3-day split-training plus cardio complex

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Many training programs that are aimed at becoming embossed are devoid of the cardio part of the workout, but this one is not.

Check out this, split into 3 days, split-training, supplemented by a cardio complex!

Brief information about the training program

Type of program Split
Level of fitness Average
Duration of the program 8 weeks
Days per week 3
Time for training 30-45 minutes
Necessary equipment Rubber loops, ropes, rods, own weight, dumbbells
Target floor Men and women
Author Josh Ingland

Description of the training program

Is the warm season pushing you to change your goals?

If you want to become embossed, we have a wonderful scheme for you to start.

The program below, combined with a small calorie deficit (~ 250-500 calories below your basal metabolism level) and a balanced diet plan, can help with your goals to lose fat.

The workouts themselves include a decent value of intensity to promote muscular hypertrophy. The reason for this is that this training program is aimed not only at increasing the consumption of calories, but also allowing you to demonstrate the pumped muscles when you reach your goal of burning fat.

3-day split-training
3-day split-training

The program itself requires you to visit the gym 3 times a week for weight lifting. On weekends, you are all supposed to do lightweight movements to further promote recovery, as well as the consumption of calories.

The rest periods for this workout should be in the range 0-90 s. If you feel that you are ready to take the next approach after 30 seconds – proceed, but you should not rest more than 90 seconds to recover.

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The weight that you should use for each exercise will lie in the range of 70-85 from 1 PM, and your task is to increase the weights that you use from week to week when able.

Day One – Top

Treadmill VIIT:

Set the speed of the treadmill to the maximum load, which is only able to run. Within 10-15 minutes sprint in 10-second intervals and rest for 20 seconds in between sprints.

Day 2 – Active recovery

Regenerating jogging of low intensity for 3-4 km.

Day 3 – Bottom

Jumping with a skipping rope:

3 rounds of 5 minutes each. with the following intervals.

1 min. – single jump

1 min. – double jump

1 min. – jumping on the right leg

1 min. – jumping on the left leg

1 min. – jumps alternating legs

30-60 seconds rest between rounds

3-day split-training
3-day split-training

Day 4 – Active recovery

Restoring walking – low intensity 3-4 km.

Day 5 – Fullbody

Rowing machine VIIT:

30-second rowing with a maximum effort, then a period of 30 seconds, minimum effort in rowing. And so alternately for 15-20 minutes.

3-day split-training
3-day split-training

Day 6 – a kilometer at a time

Run 1 km at the highest possible speed for a while.

Day 7 – Weekend

Take a full day of rest from the gym and cardio on the 7th day. If possible, spend your time doing something active (low intensity) with family and friends.


This 3 day drying program is ideal for those who want to become embossed, but can attend the gym only 3 days a week.

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