Development of endurance of the organism in running and other sports

Development of endurance

Endurance – the ability of the body to withstand intense stress for a certain length of time. It is required not only for professional athletes or representatives of law enforcement agencies. Moving, working in the garden, long walks, cycling, even long shopping – in everyday life there are many situations where a good physical form is simply necessary. Therefore, the question of how to develop endurance is very important for any modern person.

A trained, hardy person looks different – taut, seductive, without excess weight. His movements become more precise, quick and confident. But changes do not end with appearance. As a part of the blood, the number of red blood cells contributing to the maintenance of internal organs with oxygen increases. Strengthens the heart muscle, improves respiratory muscles.

Looking for motivation

A modern person with a huge body of information can easily develop endurance when running. Anthropologists have proved that ancient people were the best runners on the planet. And they fled not only quickly (modern Olympic champions next to them would seem awkward juniors), but also extremely long. It can be argued that the ancestors were better motivated – by hunger or sharp teeth behind their backs. But this is an excuse for the lazy. Becoming hardy in running means learning to run longer and faster. This will increase your performance also in cross-country skiing, swimming, rowing, cycling and many more other sports and activities.

There are a lot of ways to become hardy. But the main thing is the correct motivation. Without it, any techniques will bring nothing but suffering. After all, you have to get out of a sitting state, so comfortable and familiar. Now we need to move, to become healthier and more beautiful, to add to ourselves the years of life and moments of positive. If you do not do this, then you can not read further.

How to develop endurance in running
How to develop endurance in running

But if you are firmly on the path of physical self-improvement, it is not superfluous to learn some more information.

Types of endurance

Endurance is a three-dimensional concept. Types of endurance in sports have long been singled out by specialists. The classical typology is as follows:

  • Aerobic endurance is muscular work and movement due to oxygen supply. It develops mainly with the help of long exercises.
  • Anaerobic endurance is the ability to perform work without the participation of oxygen. The organism here uses internal resources. Develop anaerobic endurance can be repeated high-intensity training with a limited time to restore.

But this classification is more interesting for athletes. In everyday life you only need to know that endurance is common and special.
Special endurance is characteristic for specific professional activities. Its components differ depending on the type of work done. Someone needs to hold out for a long time in one pose, others must get used to work in conditions of oxygen deficiency.

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Endurance in running

How to increase endurance while running is not an idle question, even if you are not going to win at the Boston Marathon. Running is the best way to keep the body in tone, weight is normal, and the mood is on a positive wave.

Tips for beginners

Beginners need to adhere to the following principles:

  • Acceptability. The load must be comfortable.
  • Systematic. Training should be regular.
  • Graduality. Increase the pace of the race and the length of the distance you need gradually.

The Craig Beazley system is a torn rhythm

The famous Canadian marathon runner Craig Beasley recommended the following system: run with a maximum speed of 30 seconds, then make the transition to calm walking for 5 seconds. Do 8 repetitions of these exercises for training with three training sessions per week and after a month you will be able to feel the strengthening of the body and increase your endurance. Gradually increase the number of repetitions and the time of maximum load.

Bart Jasso’s method – interval run

Another method was proposed by Bart Jasso, who is the manager of the Runner’s World Race organization. It consists in the following. It is necessary to divide the target distance into intervals of 800 meters, and the total time of passing the distance divided by the number of intervals. Once a week, run a race, consisting of several such intervals, running through them in the allotted time. Each week, add one interval and eventually conquer the entire distance.

Endurance in everyday life

How to develop endurance in running
How to develop endurance in running

If you decide to increase your level of general physical development, want to become hardy and strong in your daily life, work on those functional capabilities of the body that you constantly use. Run, make long walks, ride a bike, skis, roller skates, skates. Regularly jump with a rope, because this is one of the simplest and most effective endurance exercises. Collect a small courtyard team for football or any other sport. Sports games give not only a lot of emotions, but also bring real health benefits.

And how to increase the endurance of muscles? Perform basic exercises for the development of the basic muscle groups with a gradual increase in repetitions. The overall physical condition will also improve. After all, you are engaged in sports, and this always benefits (this does not apply to professional sports, there are other rules for survival).

Home Workouts

The easiest and most democratic way to improve your own physical activity is to start running. Now it’s fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle, so people are glancing at people with a certain amount of envy. But with the onset of the cold season, envy can be replaced by sympathy or misunderstanding. Running, pulling out the feet of their snowdrifts is not just the development of endurance, but the real training of a special unit fighter.
If you do not treat yourself to the latter, you still do not need to get upset. You can develop endurance in the home. Help in this treadmill or exercise bike. The main thing is not to turn them into another coat rack for clothes and towels, but really to do it.
You can manage without additional equipment.Normal push-ups, jumps, pull-ups (a horizontal bar in the opening is the simplest solution) will allow you to keep yourself in shape all year long without cash investments.

The most important

Once thinking about how to become more enduring, and starting to translate your desire into life, you should never stop. Otherwise, all previous works will go wrong. Just a few weeks of muscle downtime lead to serious losses in terms of functionality. Well-known and seemingly simple exercises will again become an unbearable load. If you have chosen the path of a healthy body, a tight body and a good mood, then go on it to the end.