How to gain muscles without harm to health

gain muscles

How to gain muscles is a question that is topical for many trainees. A person regularly studies at home or in the hall, “pumping iron”, and the muscle volume remains the same or increases slightly – a situation quite common in power sports. Indeed, muscular weight gain is not an easy task, especially for a person with an asthenic (ectomorphic) physique.

Photo of the inflated ectomorph
Photo of the inflated ectomorph

Of course, you can use strong anabolic drugs to increase muscle mass, which allow you to achieve significant muscle growth in a short period of time, but the trick is that most of these drugs have very many side effects. To safely and correctly recruit muscle mass, it is preferable to use only natural remedies and methods.

Body type and training features

Before embarking on training in the gym, you need to decide on the type of your physique. The methods that ensure the increase in muscle mass for a complete and thin person are fundamentally different from each other.

There are three types of physique:

  • Ectomorphic;
  • Mesomorphic;
  • Endomorphic.
Body type: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph
Body type: ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph

The ectomorph has long legs and a short torso, narrow feet and brushes. The shoulders are not wide, but the muscles are thin and long. The mesomorph has a strong broad body and broad shoulders, the upper part of the body is long, the bones are thick. The endomorph is characterized by a short neck, round face, wide hips and a significant stock of fatty deposits.

Ectomorphs to gain muscle mass is the most difficult: their training and nutrition should be built in a special way. During classes, thin people should spend most of their time basic exercises to work out the largest muscles. Pay attention first to the back, chest and thighs. Read the article about development of endurance.

Cunning exercise exercises ectomorphs are not needed, for them it will be more useful in the sense of gaining weight to exercise with dumbbells, with which you can increase muscle mass even at home. The main range of repetitions of one exercise: 6-8 times.

Basics of nutrition for weight gain

How fast to gain muscle mass with a special diet? For an effective “mass gathering” a rational approach to the choice of products is necessary. There is everything, as amateurs advise, – this is a very inexpedient decision.

For example, if you eat simple (fast) carbohydrates, it will promote the accumulation of subcutaneous fat in endomorphs and quickly be converted to energy without participating in the processes of protein synthesis in ectomorphs. In other words, the thin ones will remain thin, except that they are stronger and more enduring, and the full ones will grow stout, and their muscles will not be visible beyond the layer of fat.

Photo of a running, inflated ectomorph girl (how to gain muscle mass)
Photo of a running, inflated ectomorph girl (how to gain muscle mass)

There is a need for many, but right. A rational approach to nutrition will allow you to gain muscle mass thin and full. Bodybuilding experts advise adhering to certain rules:

  • You should not chase the mass, typing it at any cost. At the initial stage, the indicators may change slowly or not change at all, but if you do everything right, the result will be. If you start eating uncontrolled, you can overload the body.
  • Drink more water. Do not enter into the body the right amount of fluid – the weight will not go. This is a simple explanation – the body is two-thirds water, and no gain without fluid is simply impossible.
  • Do snacks, and in general – eat as often as possible. Fractional food invented by doctors for the treatment of gastric diseases, but its beneficial effect and use bodybuilders. If there is often, the muscles will be provided with a constant supply of amino acids (building material) and glucose (energy). With fractional nutrition, catabolic processes leading to protein breakdown simply do not have time to start.
  • Before exercise, eat slow carbohydrates, and immediately after training – fast. To slow carbohydrates include cereal cereals, beans, vegetables. To fast – baking, chocolate, special geyners for athletes. Slow (they are also complex) carbohydrates are consumed for a long period, giving up their energy in small portions. Fast enter the blood almost instantly.

Then we will talk about what kind of products you need to eat.


Proteins, consisting of amino acids, is the basis of the basics: actually, muscle cells are made from them. When experienced bodybuilders are asked how to increase muscle mass, their main recommendation is to eat meat. It is in the meat contains the bulk of the protein for building the body.

Feeding should mainly be lean varieties of meat – poultry, rabbit, veal. The percentage of protein in the daily diet should be about 30%. It is recommended to eat about 200 g of pure meat product per day. In addition to meat, protein is also found in:

  • Cottage cheese and other dairy products;
  • Fish;
  • Eggs;
  • Bean cultures (beans, peas).


If protein amino acids are “bricks” from which muscles are built, then carbohydrates are builders, these bricks are laid. Carbohydrates are the energy for carrying out all metabolic processes in the body. You need to consume them in a daily quantity in the calculation of 3 g per 1 kg of weight.


With a shortage of carbohydrates, the body begins to use muscle tissue as a “fuel”, and all training will become meaningless. Carbohydrates should account for about 60% of the daily amount of food. There is carbohydrate food, as already mentioned, follows immediately before and after training. The basis of the carbohydrate part of the diet should be slow carbohydrates, which are many in:

  • Raw rice;
  • Wheat, oatmeal buckwheat;
  • Whole-grain bread;
  • Vegetables;
  • Fruits.


It is believed that fats are the enemies of mankind, but this is not entirely true. Harmful animal fats neither athletes nor ordinary people, of course, do not benefit, but useful lipid compounds are the basis for the production of testosterone, the male hormone responsible for protein synthesis. Fats should be about 10-15 percent of the entire daily diet. Useful fats are contained in:

  • Eggs;
  • Fatty varieties of fish;
  • Vegetable oil;
  • Nuts and seeds.


In the process of training, the body produces a large number of potentially dangerous free radicals, to cope with which is the task of vitamins-antioxidants. Vitamins and microelements (in particular, zinc) are also needed for the production of the hormone testosterone.

Special additives

Increase in muscle mass at home can help the use of various protein supplements (geynerov, creatine, amino acids). These are not anabolics, but natural substances similar to those from which conventional products consist, only concentrated and assimilated much faster.

A few words about how to gain muscle mass to a girl. Principles of nutrition for girls are absolutely the same. The difference is that the female body is more prone to the deposition of fatty tissues, so the percentage of fat in the daily diet should be less than in the men’s athletes menu.