Is cycling good for slimming?

weight loss bicycle riding

Losing weight with a bicycle is a cherished dream of many people. Many think: in childhood they rode a bicycle and were slim. Maybe, instead of getting a ticket to the gym, it is better to buy a bike to lose weight, and with its help to regain its former shape and good mood?

Losing weight with a bicycle: advantages and disadvantages

According to reviews conducted on the Internet, among people aged 25 – 35 years, the votes were distributed as follows:


  • lack of regular expenses compared to attending fitness clubs and gyms;
  • the opportunity to feel like a pioneer;
  • freedom (in relation to everything: choosing a bike, equipment, paved route and regular training);
  • Skating helps mental relaxation, gives you the opportunity to be alone;
  • combining workouts with photography, the ability to swim and sunbathe, make cycling part of a family holiday.

Some respondents noted among the advantages of the lack of nervousness in anticipation of queues at the simulators, as well as the absence of “a large number of surrounding sweaty bodies.”


bicycle weight loss


The disadvantages of this method were the following reasons:

  • the possibility of a bicycle accident as an annoying advantage, especially outside the city;
  • cycling injuries and dangerous neighborhood with urban transport;
  • the need to purchase a bicycle and equipment (large one-time costs);
  • the inability to store a bicycle;
  • gas pollution in urban areas and the lack of bicycle lanes;
  • lack of control over the done load;
  • the impossibility of regular classes in the winter season.

Of course, as the saying goes, “who wants, is looking for opportunities, and who does not want, is looking for reasons.”

Similarly, with the use of a bike to lose weight: if you do not feel the pleasure of simply riding a bike, then do not expect that you can force yourself to regularly “unload kilometers” in order to lose fat.

Are the listed disadvantages relevant?

  • If you drive correctly, you can minimize the risk of an accident.
  • In the event that most of the route runs outside the city, you can also disregard the poor environmental situation on major highways. In the end, you can order in the online store fashionable device – a bicycle respirator.
  • Currently, there are many ways to fix and store bicycles, almost on the ceiling, using a bike for furniture.
  • Modern bicycle computers allow you to monitor the burning of calories very clearly, performing all the necessary calculations.
  • There are studded bicycle tires, which helps with cycling in the winter.

Thus, all the shortcomings are quite surmountable on closer examination. But many people still, trying to find a compromise between a bicycle and comfortable watching TV during classes, use an imitation of a bicycle – a simulator.

The benefits and harms of the exercise bike

The obvious advantage of the exercise bike is that people with diseases can do it. In the case of a sudden hypertensive crisis or deterioration of health, you can lie down, take drugs and call a doctor. This is difficult when you are in a bike trip, especially if you drive a couple of tens of kilometers along country paths.


bicycle for weight loss


The rest of the cycling for weight loss is not comparable with the monotonous sitting on a stationary bike. After all, on a bicycle, the whole body works as a single whole: the organs of balance, vision interact, the spine is in constant motion, especially if passing through rough terrain.

When performing exercises on a stationary bike, coordination of movements is minimal: it is enough not to fall off the chair. Therefore, additional muscles are not included in the work. In addition, an important element when practicing cycling is a change of impressions: the benefits for losing weight are incomparably greater if time passes quickly.

What should be a bike to lose weight

Bike for weight loss should not be heavy. Many people confuse a vehicle with a burden. The bike should be comfortable, because it not only provides classes, but it also serves as a means of transportation and returning home.

A good compromise is the choice of mountain bike, or mountain bike. It makes it possible to make both road trips and move along forest paths, as well as “twist” the pedals while standing on them. If you often use this method of skating in combination with others, then you can lose weight much faster than with a monotonous and monotonous ride.

On a bicycle, the pace and the nature of muscle contraction do not imply maximum muscle tension, as during exercise, for example, powerlifting. “Closures” in which the calf and thighs refuse to lift the bike along with the cyclist, are found during mountain tourism. In addition, the intake of chocolates immediately improves the ability of the muscles to contract.

Basic principles of cycling for weight reduction

You need to know how to lose weight with a bicycle just for your body weight. To do this, you need to make some simple calculations.
Get accurate electronic scales and take it as a rule to be weighed in the same clothes (preferably without her), at the same time of day (for example, in the morning on an empty stomach). Know your exact body weight.Determine how much weight you want to “burn” while riding a bike. Remember that the first kilograms are dropped very quickly, and approaching the ideal weight requires much more time and energy.

How long do you need to ride a bike? Let’s give a simple example: if you decided to lose 20 kilograms of excess weight with an initial weight of 120 kg, then know that when burning 1 gram of fat 9 kcal of energy is released. Consequently, during the training should be allocated (20000 * 9) = 180,000 kcal. In the event that you decide to ride evenly from May to September, then for each month you need to burn 180,000 \ 5 = 36000 kcal.

By entering the data, you can find out that for a weight of 120 kg for one two-hour trip at a quiet pace at a speed of 10 km / hour, you can burn up to 2500 kilocalories.


cycling for weight loss


So, in order to burn 36,000 kcal per month to a person with an initial weight of 120 kg, he must make (36000 \ 2500) = 14.4 trips in a month.

In other words, there should be a two-hour trip in a day. In addition, you need to ride correctly: a two-hour trip will bring much more benefit than a two-hour trip. The fact is that in the first hour the energy consumption is due to the easily split animal starch – glycogen, and only in the following hours does the fat begin to split.

Using the calculator, you can determine how much you need to drive, depending on time, speed, load and initial body weight.

Some useful tips for those who want to lose weight with a bicycle

  • Try not to drink a lot of water, both during exercise and after: learn to hold water in your mouth first, and then divide one sip into 3-4 smaller ones. To better quench your thirst, it is recommended to squeeze lemon juice into water.
  • Carry a backpack and changeable clothes that absorb sweat. If you sweat, before you start to go home, change into dry clothes.
  • After the trip, no matter how much you want to go on right away, you need to endure an hour or two. Remember that all calculations were based on the fact that food intake does not increase.
  • After a workout, the use of low-calorie foods is beneficial: vegetables, fruits, fiber, low-fat fish.

In conclusion, I would like to say that with patience and regular trips you can lose weight not only with excessive loads, as many people imagine, but also with a very quiet pace of driving. Most importantly, do not forget that a trip will be useful in which you drive at least 20-25 kilometers a day.

Only if you learn to perceive the time spent driving a bike, not as violence against yourself, but as a part of your life, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Such a load will lead to the long-awaited result and strengthen your body, as well as deliver the joy of communication with nature.