Types of bars at the gym


The bar is an indispensable sports equipment for bodybuilders and powerlifters. It is present in each gym and is used for working hands, shoulders, back, chest, legs. However, very few people know that there are different types of rods, which differ in weight, shape and even purpose. To make the training process as effective as possible, you must use a suitable projectile for each exercise. What are the bars and how to apply them?

Structural elements

The bar, the bar – this is a projectile, which is used during strength training for pumping muscles. Structurally, it has several components:

  • The rod bar is the main structural element, which differs in shape, length and diameter. Each species has its own advantages and is used to perform a certain exercise.
  • Pancakes for the bar are designed to increase the weight of the sports equipment and increase the load. They have a different mass from 0.5 to 50 kg. Such a wide range allows athletes to choose the optimal load, given the degree of physical fitness and pursued goals.
  • Locks allow you to hold the discs for the bar, preventing them from falling during training. This element is very important, as it ensures the safety of the athlete and the people around him in the gym. Locks can be in the form of latches or bolts (the latter option is more reliable).
  • The rod bar is used to insure the athlete during the performance of the strength exercise. This element is necessarily present in the gym.

Grips for rods determine the type of sports equipment. They differ in shape, diameter and purpose. Griffins for the bar are selected by the athlete individually, based on the pursued goal and the exercise performed. In this exercise in the gym – a huge advantage, because there are all the varieties.


The Olympic bar has a classical shape and standard dimensions: length – 2.20 m, diameter – 28 mm, weight – 20 kg (for beginners there is a light version with a mass of 9 kg). The neck is equipped with locks that weigh 2.5 kg each. A feature of the sports equipment: springiness and the ability of the bushings for the discs to rotate independently of each other.

The Olympic bar for women has light weight and reduced dimensions: diameter – 25 mm, length – 2.05 m, weight – 15 kg. This option helps representatives of the fair sex to conduct an effective strength training without risk to health.

Easy griffin

EZ-bar is used for working hands (French bench press, pumping triceps). Its main feature is the ability of the hands to take anatomically correct, convenient and natural position. This relieves the load and forces the loaded muscles to work.

EZ-neck has a small weight (6.5 kg) and length (1.2 m). It is actively used by beginners, as well as the fair sex.

Stenght training with the barbell
Stenght training with the barbell

The curved bar has one more variant – W-shaped, which is characterized by a large angle of curvature, which improves the elaboration of the forearm and triceps.

T-shaped bar

This rod bar has a special shape, unlike the others. Its sphere of application is the execution of deadlift on bent legs, squats for working the front part of the thigh.

T-shaped bar with pancakes has a unique design and the discs are attached not on the sides, but on an element located perpendicular to the body. At the ends there are special handles that help to hold the projectile during the exercise.

T-shaped bar
T-shaped bar

Other varieties

The bar from the bar for powerlifting outwardly resembles the Olympic, but has a significant difference – it does not spring and is more rigid, which is due to the peculiarities of the exercises performed. This shell is made of high-quality steel and is able to withstand a weight of up to 500 kg.

For training at home, the bar, whose neck has a universal shape and dimensions, is suitable. It is suitable for working out all muscle groups and performing a variety of exercises. This shell has dimensions and weight, adapted to the average athlete. The drawback of such equipment is insufficient strength, which does not allow the use of a large working weight. Be sure to consider this factor to avoid injury.

Deadlift with a barbell
Deadlift with a barbell

When choosing a sports projectile, consider its main characteristics, the objectives pursued and the nature of the exercises in the training program. At first, the trainer can help with such a sensitive issue, and then everything happens on a subconscious level.